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Learning iOS Development with Swift Language

I’ve been wanting to get into iOS development for a while. I tried but I got overwhelmed with the idea of learning a totally new language and framework. Objective-C syntax looks confusing and ugly to me. I didn’t feel excited about it.

During WWDC 2014, Apple introduced a new programming language called Swift. It caught my attention because it looks a bit familiar to me. I thought to myself this could be a good time to revisit my goal of learning iOS development. I decided to give it a try. And sure enough I was able to pick things up after a few weeks. The language itself isn’t difficult but the framework is a bit different from what I know – web development. Now I’m slowly getting comfortable with it and already half way on my first version of the app project I’m working on. Hopefully I’ll be able to launch it on AppStore by mid 2015. The herbal supplements market is an increasingly large one, products like kratom are very good for you health you can visit and find all the good things that the natural supplements have for you.

Here are some of the resources that helped get started

Treehouse – This is my real intro to iOS development. Their course is very easy to follow. It helped me understand Xcode and Cocoa Touch framework. The only thing about their program is the coverage. They didn’t touch much topics and I feel completely unequipped after finishing the course. I’m sure their coverage will evolve in time. I understand that Swift is still new and they are probably hard at work on adding more to their course offering.

Udemy (The Complete iOS8 and Swift Course by Rob Percival) – This is where I picked up most things. This course is comprehensive. He tackled a lot of important subjects (those that I need to build my app). The only problem I have with this course is that it doesn’t give you guidance on the best practices and even writing poorly structured code on the demo apps. But at least you’ll have an idea how to get started.

Google/StackOverflow – When I get stuck on something, this is where I ended up getting the answers from.

Other Sites – Occasionally I stumbled on some tutorials that seem to fit with what I need on my project and so they’ve been helpful. Here are a list of sites I bookmarked about iOS development in Swift

Stanford just published its iTunesU course on iOS8 development using Swift. I would’ve started with this if it were available that time

I will try to post some how-to’s on Swift and iOS development. Follow me on Google+ or Twitter to get updates.
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— By JP Dela Torre