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The Setup – Tools I Use as a Web Developer

Inspired by the site, here’s my setup:

What do I do?

Most of my time is spent in front of a computer. I’m more of a generalist type of web developer. I design UI, do front-end, back-end development and some server administration.

What Hardware I use

My primary machine is a Macbook Pro 15″ Retina Display. Sometimes I hook it up with a 22″ SyncMaster Samsung Monitor and use an Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Mouse. I’ll be doing some photo printing so I got a ColorMunki Photo for color management for my displays and printer. I work at home so when I get too distracted with outside noise, I put on a Coloud Boom headphones (It’s cheap, simple and comfy). I have an iPhone5 – my only complaint is the signal (could be caused by my casing which I don’t want to take off. I don’t want it to get scratches). I have a few external drives for storage and backups, an iPad2 that I use for reading or streaming movies in to a 3rd gen AppleTV ( is amazing) and a bunch of Apple accessories (Airport Express, Apple AA battery+charger, laptop/iPad connectors for TV and external monitor, etc).

What Software I use

On my Mac: I’m using Mountain Lion OSX. My main IDE is CODA2, sometimes TextMate for when I need to take a quick look/edit on a file outside my project files in Coda. Primary browser is Google Chrome (Developer tools for front-end debugging). Firefox with MediaHint extension installed for listening to Pandora. Photoshop for graphics and layout work. Sometimes Pixelmator for simple image editing. Balsamiq for UI mockups. Terminal app with Solarized theme (and recently trying out iTerm2) for SSH’ing to remote servers. Sequel Pro for MySQL management, ForkLift for FTP/sFTP, iCloud Reminders, iPhoto, Evernote, Skype, Dropbox, Caffeine (keeps your mac from going to sleep), iWorks, YNAB4, and MarketSamurai (for keyword research tool). And finally VirtualBox for when I need something in Windows and for my development environment – an Ubuntu server (I’ll talk about this on my later post). I have a few other utility apps which I seldom use but I don’t feel I need to mention. And that’s pretty much it. Screenshot of my Mac desktop with Coda2 and Terminal running.

On my iPhone: I have Gmail app, Hangout, Talkatone, Viber, Skype, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Path, Flickr, Pinterest, Bump, Chrome, YNAB, Momento, Google Authenticator, Dropbox, Pages, Pocket, Reeder, BPI (bank app), Habit list, Trello, Evernote and a few fitness apps. Here’s a screenshot of iPhone 5 home screen.

Web apps: GMail, GDrive/GDoc, Github, Trello, Unfuddle, HN, FB, G+, WordPress… I have a bunch of web apps that I use but these are the main apps I pretty much use daily.

What Would Be My Dream Setup

The new MacPro looks nice but I’m not sure if I need that much power. The iMac 27″ would probably be more cost effective for me – although I’d wait for a retina version. I’m also looking for a desk with adjustable height so that I could work while sitting or standing. I haven’t found one that I like. In terms of software, I’m pretty happy with my setup. One thing I can think of that’s missing is a nice Google Hangout Mac and iOS app where I could make/receive a US phone call through my Google Voice. Right now I have to use the web app version of Hangout on my mac and Talkatone (which I really don’t like the UI) for iOS.

Thanks for checking it out. By the way, some links have my referral tag on it (I get something when you buy or sign up using the link). I hope you picked up something useful here. Post your comments on this Google+ post. I can also be reached at life insurance quotes for all.

— By JP Dela Torre